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About Us

Lola Lobato © La maison du monde, LLC

Welcome to Lola Lobato’s online shop! We are dedicated to providing an authentic experience with a personal touch. We select chic & timeless products that allow our customers to explore the sensory journey of presenting a dish, a space, a personal memory or emotion. It’s a panorama of possibilities where the scents, colors, textures and flavors give way to the surprising, unusual and exciting, adding pleasure and comfort to our daily life.

Our online shop offers a selection of high quality products from around the world. We hand-selected products that offer a cultural blend of food, fashion, and art. In fact, just adding a few items to your existing décor should help transform your everyday dining table into a truly celebratory experience. We feel that the table and food should be a central gathering point for friends and family there’s no better excuse to share and be together!

We aim to establish a real relationship with our customers: we will stand behind what we offer, what we say, and what we sell. Our shop will always be open for you.

We invite you to make your life an authentic and unforgettable experience and Lola Lobato is here to help.

About Our Founder

Lola Lobato’s wealth of experience in art, fashion, and food has enabled her to establish this unique new online shop. Lola truly represents a world citizen: having been born in Spain, raised in Venezuela, educated in England, and of American nationality. Throughout her successful career, Lola has expressed her vision and talent as an award-winning fashion designer, art director, as well as entrepreneurial thought leader.

Lola was educated at London’s American College of Fashion Design, an institution that has trained some of the most prominent fashion designers in the world. She launched her fashion career in Venezuela, delivering head-turning designs that evoked the character, preferences and physical attributes of her clients.

Then Lola ventured to the United States and made her name as an art director in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Lola has produced award-winning television commercials for well-known brands (including Visa, Tommy Hilfiger, Hershey’s, and Diet Pepsi), television programs on top-rated networks (such as Univision, Telemundo, and USA Network) and music videos featuring award-winning artists (MTV, Billboard, and Grammy Awards) plus special events (the opening of the Olympics in Barcelona).

From the entrepreneurial side, Lola has launched several new ventures. They include: fashion boutique Lola Lobato, the pilot program “Turismo Culinario” and “Cocina Urbana” (developed in partnership with Venevision Continental), and the creation and management of the online magazine elmundodelola.com.

Nowadays, Lola is art directing TV commercials, writing a book, and blogging. In fact, Lola’s blogs are an interactive extension to this new online shop “where food meets the imagination and celebration.” We welcome you to explore the links below.

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